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Welcome to Cochise Worm Ranch.

Composting can be one of the most challenging and complex aspects of gardening. Months of baking your eggshells, ripping paper, pulling out useful food scraps from the trash that your wife tosses away because she doesn't know (and doesn't want to know), walking outside to this big smelly bin full of decomposing trash, all just to get the best and most effective soil you can use in your garden. So good in fact it has been described by many in the gardening community as "black gold".

We grow and distribute the most important ingredient involved in the composting process. Most consider worms to be disgusting little creatures that we accidentally step on during a rainy day or use to catch fish in the lake. Us gardeners need them in order to get the best results out of our composting soil.

At Cochise Worm Ranch we provide the most suitable environment for the worms to breed, eat, and thrive so they can stay healthy and be the most useful addition to your garden. With our worms and using appropriate composting material, you're bound to have extremely effective and nutrient rich soil to grow anything in your garden.

Having  grown worms privately for years, we decided to share not only our worms but as much knowledge and advice to get the best and most out of your compost. This being our first business we aim to provide quality crawlers delivered straight from the source at our ranch to your home, hungry and ready to supply your compost with their natural, and wonderful fertilizer.

Green picture behind victor.
Victor Farming

       I'm Victor. Over the years I have been like most at home gardeners just trying to grow produce in my backyard and learning as I go. After weeks of watching videos online and growing my first batches of tomatoes and herbs, as my Wife would say I became addicted. Our backyard became my favorite thing to show guests when they came to visit. Letting them taste and enjoy the fruits and vegetables right off the plants I grew, and eating meals completely made from our garden.

     It was such a journey to go from my first few plants to growing over 50 different food producing plants, building my greenhouse, raised beds, fully automated watering system and the list goes on. Terri (my Wife), was not much of a green thumb like I was, but she definitely enjoyed the end result of all of the work and money we put into it.

    Before gardening, I was a respiratory therapist for over ten years working in hospitals all over Los Angeles CA. Gardening was not in any way a part of my lifestyle until I was involved in a severe car accident causing career ending injuries. Thankfully I was able to recover and still be as active as I can be with some limitations. It didn't take long after being a stay at home husband to get bored and want to find a hobby that would keep me entertained and interested. Terri and I wanted to start a small garden and from there it grew into my healthy addiction. Twelve years later and it is still one of the best and most gratifying parts of my daily routine.

      Now we live together on our ranch with our animals and bring my experience and knowledge about one of the most effective things I had in my garden, The dirt.

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